Happy Birthday Harry! Celebrating My Book Obsession

Hello all and a happy Harry holiday!


Now I know you all don’t know me very well yet, but if you did, you’d know I am a gigantic fangirl-wingardium-leviosa-wizarding-world fan of Harry Potter. Not the character so much as the story. Can I go to Hogwarts now? Since today is Harry’s 35th birthday, I thought it would be a good time to celebrate my introduction to a life long love of books.

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Update – July 30

Hey guys!

I have officially finished one of my TBR (to-be-read, new book blogger lingo I just learned. Way to go J, late to the party again) books from my Quest No. 1! *Pats self on the back*. As promised, I am going to begin ordering these books from I-immediately-want-to-start-reading-it-again to don’t-waste-the-precious-moments-of-your-life-on-this-one. Since, as of now, I have only read one book, the standings look like this:

  1. The Martian Chronicles – Ray Bradbury

Soooo that’s informative. But! I am now cookin’ through Wuthering Heights and will be back to update you again soon.

Until then, keep reading.

J. Bookish

The Martian Chronicles

images Title: The Martian Chronicles
Author: Ray Bradbury
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Readability: Easy/Thought-provoking
Rating: 4/5

“The Martians were there. Timothy began to shiver. The Martians were there-in the canal-reflected in the water. Timothy and Michael and Robert and Mom and Dad. The Martians stared back up at them for a long, long silent time from the rippling water…”

Aliens! Space travel! The Future! What’s not to love?! The Martian Chronicles is not a difficult read but it is difficult to explain. On the surface, the stories are seemingly disconnected except in that they follow a timeline from the first human’s arrival on Mars to the eventual departure. Some of these vignettes are only a few paragraphs long, and many leave you wanting more.

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The Quest – No. 1


Photo-1As introduced in my last post, here is my very first book quest. I’m sure many of you have the same problem as I do – even though you are plenty aware that you have a multitude of perfectly readable books, if you pass that enticing enchanted bookstore you CAN NOT resist entering and finding more more more. As such, my library has gotten a bit out of hand. I am officially embarking on this quest because the OCD in me is not happy with the number of books I own and have not yet explored. Also, the library in my town is currently being built and I don’t have a whole lot of cash to keep feeding my book habit. So! This list of to-read books is a compilation of some books that I bought myself and some that friends and family have given to me.

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Greetings Blogisphere!


Photo I’m going to begin with the boring but obligatory: my name is Jordyn. I am 22 years old and I have an addiction to books. I have decided to venture into blogging because I need a hobby. Other than reading, that is. So, a new blog/blogger/blogess is born. J. Bookish, about all things books. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty wide genre interest. I guess I would say my favorites are (in no particular order): literature, dystopian, YA, and fantasy, with a little bit of romance thrown in. If you’re like me and aren’t solely interested in one genre (if you are, you really need to branch out – you’re missing out on so many dream lands) then you’ll like this blog! Some of my reviews will be on new books, some will be on old.

¬†Quest #1: I am currently attempting to read all of the books that I own and have not actually read. I keep “accidentally” re-reading books that I own that I HAVE read, but I am slowly moving through my collection. My quest is to have actually read my entire library, and I am going to use this blog to advance down that road. Because of this, my first section of reviews is going to be pretty damn random. But hey, books are timeless, and if they’re good, you should read them even if they were written before you were born. I will make another post with a list of my books-to-read soon.

Aspirations: I have two major aspirations. The first, somewhat predictably, is to write my own book. I have read countless stories by countless authors, and I am always in awe of how a truly well-written novel can take you out of the comfy chair/window seat/bed/tree/elevator you are currently real-world residing in and into the world the author created for you. I hope that some day I will be able to create one of these worlds myself. My attempts up to this point have been fairly disastrous and incredibly -well, lame- but I will hold fast to this dream nonetheless. My other dream is to some day own a summer camp. My real-world life typically revolves around working with children, and in all honesty, I generally like them better than adults. Maybe this fits in with the whole bookworm theme- those who love books never let go of their imagination, allowing them to hold on to a piece of that childlike innocence. Yeah I just went there. I can be deep, guys.

I’ll write again soon. Until then, keep reading.

J. Bookish