A Post on Yoga

Pardon the quick interruption from your scheduled book blogging for…

A Post on: Yoga

Inappropriate sidenote: omg that woman has really buff shoulders

I know you know what yoga is. But have you ever REALLY tried it?

I have back problems. I was a cheerleader in high school (there’s a long story behind it, don’t judge me) and at one point we were practicing stunting, a girl fell, and I ended up with a vertebra popped out of its rightful place in my spine. I also ended up with a broken nose once, cheerleading is dangerous folks. How the hell was I once comfortable standing on one leg 7 ft in the air? These are the questions I ask myself. The chiropractor fixed me up, but I’ve had issues ever since. Sometimes my vertebrae still pop out, which freaking HURTS, but most of the time I just have weird twinges and general discomfort.

In addition, I hate working out. I also have asthma (hahaha I’m such a healthy child), so running is a bit of a challenge for me. Plus, if I’m being honest, I have long hair and I hate having to dry it but if I let it dry by itself it becomes a crazy half-curled beast and sweat = shower and GAH. Sorry. I digress.

I’ve taken yoga classes over the years, and I pretty much thought they were boring. I was too restless to hold still and focus on my breathing, so I preferred pilates (which is great too).

Now, I’m really tired of my back hurting. I’m not old enough to have joint pain (right?!!!). So I decided to give yoga a whole new try. I found Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube and she has a segment called 30 Days of Yoga so I went for it.

OHMYGOD. The WONDER. My whole body is happier. My brain is relaxed. Even though it feels like I’m doing very little, my muscles are doing an inner happy dance because each and every one of them is engaged.

My muscles:

I’ve attached  the link to day one of Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga so you can try it, if you’d like. I know it feels silly (I used to be the girl who would giggle in yoga classes), but if you just completely focus on your body for 30 minutes every day it will do you a whole world of difference, trust me. Plus, Adrienne is awesome because she doesn’t take herself too seriously like some yogis do.

Day one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBu-pQG6sTY

That is all.

I’ll write again soon! Until then, keep reading! (Or, you know, try some yoga)

J. Bookish


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