Top Ten Tuesday: My Wish is Your Command

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Hi Friends!

I’ve been super duper MIA from Top Ten Tuesday. No offense at all to the lovely creators over at The Broke and the Bookish, but I haven’t been feeling inspired by the topics lately. I am very excited about this week’s topic though! Teeheehee. My creative juices are flowin’.

This week’s topic is: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me. AKA: My wish is your command (Directed at the genie, not you my lovely reader friend).

AAAAAND here we go. In order of least to most exciting wishes:

  1. A good job with a great salary and benefits wherein my only duty is to read whatever I choose.

Because I’m a realistic adult. I know my needs, I know my worth!! Haha just kidding. Give me $5 to read a book and I’d be doing a jig. But because the book genie can make this happen, let’s shoot for the dream job.

2. An epic book club with an even more epic secret clubhouse

BECAUSE ALL OF YOU ARE SO FAR AWAY. Come join my book club?! We apparently have a treehouse as an epic secret clubhouse! (Google you have failed me).

3. My very own personal writing coach.

Because writing is a very hard game indeed. Soooo if some expert could help me that would be gosh darn wonderful. I imagine they would have to be a bit like a personal trainer. “FIVE MORE PAGES”. “FIFTY MORE WORDS”. “PUT DOWN THAT COOKIE”. “THERE’S NO CRYING IN EDITING!”

4. All of the books for free!

I think this one is kind of a gimme. Because DUH WE ALL WANT THE BOOKS FOR FREE.

5. This personal library:

6. The assurance that George R. R. Martin will complete the Song of Ice and Fire series

I know that I’m a terrible human for this. But the man is 67 years old. And he enjoys taking his sweet time between each book. If this series goes unfinished, I WILL BE ONE RAMPAGING DINOSAUR.

7. My very own bookstore

Because helloooooo. All the books for free AND a job just hanging out with my books. Plus coffee. Lots of coffee.

8. A mind scanner that tells me if I will like a book or not before I read it

WOAH. Come on, you know that would be cool. Like a personalized mind reader of book recommendations!

This is the greatest Doctor Who gif ever invented. guys, i really wasn't sure how i would feel about ten and eleven together, cuz i felt like the whole episode would be about ten, and how he's back, but i am glad that they let eleven have the good scenes/lines (from what i have seen from the trailer) and yes..this is perfect on the level that i want it to be on...

9. The ability to follow my favorite character’s lives past the completion of the books in which they live

No such thing as the end!!

10. The ability to travel to the worlds INSIDE the books

Enough said.

That’s it for this week! Soooo I guess I’m off to start rubbing random suspicious lamps that could possibly contain my book genie…

I’ll write again soon. Until then, keep reading!

J. Bookish


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