Top Ten Tuesdsay: Ten authors that are NEW…. to me.

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Hello my friends!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and the Bookish!

I wasn’t going to participate in this week’s TTT, because the topic is “Top Ten Debut Authors Who Have Me Looking Forward To Their Sophomore Novel”. And the thing is… I’m not really an author-centric person. Which is stupid to say because obviously it should be the author I’m stoked about when I read a new book that I love. I mean, hello, they created that beautiful book. Out of their beautiful mind. But for some reason I’ve never really felt like I need to read other books from an author who wrote a book I love. If they come out with a book that interests me I’ll read it, but not just because they wrote it. Ya know? No? Just me? Okay.

Anyway. I decided that I will kind-of sort-of participate. Basically, I’m cheating on the topic again.

I am going to list 10 authors who are new to me and whose books I’m all sorts of excited about! These are all authors whose books I have never read, but because of all of you I have happily fallen into the discovery of their existence and reading shall never be the same again.

In no particular order:

(1) Renee Ahdieh

Author of: The Wrath and the Dawn

I’ve seen this one on like 8,000 blogs and I haven’t been spoiled! HAPPY DAY! Carlisa @ Confessions of Carlisa posted a bunch of beautiful quotes on her review and I was like OKAY SOLD. I loooove beautiful writing. I think that’s why I like reading old books so much. Literature is underrated.

(2) Libba Bray

Author of: The Diviners

I just like the cover, okay? I really wanted to buy this when I was at Powell’s but the only had the NEW cover and I was so upset. I don’t even really know what this is about but I like the title, I love reading about the 20’s, and everyone adores it. So I’m in.

(3) Rachel Caine

Author of: Ink and Bone

If I could go back in history and change one thing, I would save the great Library of Alexandria. I love that Caine wrote a book about it. I’ve seen really great reviews from all of you, and I’m so glad because the storyline is freaking awesome.

(4) Cassandra Clare

Author of: The Infernal Devices & The Mortal Instruments Series

People either love or hate Cassandra Clare. I’ve decided to be open minded about her. I’ve always been curious about the Mortal Instruments but I had a bad case of thinking I was too old to read them until I started my blog, and now I’m like hell yeah I can read whatever I want. YA books? Yup. Middle grade? Yup. Clifford the Big Red Dog? Yup.

(5) Patrick Ness

Author of: Everything.

Haha seriously I have heard amazing things about every single one of Patrick Ness’ books. More Than This was the first one that caught my eye because of the review I read on Becki’s Bookshelf, and I bought it so I’m going to read it first. But this is one author that falls under the elusive I want to read everything he has written because he’s so raved about category.

(6) Erika Johansen

Author of: The Queen of the Tearling

First of all, that title. Second of all, I hear it is very political. Me=political science student. Plus fantasy? Yes please.

(7) Naomi Novik

Author of: Uprooted

I definitely thought her last name was Novak. Oops. But this book sounds so different and I’ve heard such good things and the cover (that’s the English cover, it’s so much prettier than the U.S. one) is enough for me to buy the book in and of itself.

(8) Stephanie Perkins

Author of: Anna and the French Kiss

I do actually think these books will be a teeny bit young for me. But I want to read them anyway because sweet first love stories are cute and refreshing and hey, I like France.

(9) V. E. Schwab

Author of: A Darker Shade of Magic

Actually this cover is in the back of Jesse the Reader’s YouTube videos and I always stared at it and someone mentioned it on their blog (I can’t remember who I’m terrible) AND I GOT SO EXCITED. The mystery of the intriguing cover has been solved, kids. But I’ve heard fantastic things about Schwab’s writing, most recently about Victorious from Aentee @ The Social Potato.

(10) Sarah J. Maas

Author of: Throne of Glass series

HERE WE GO. I’m diving in. In the next few days. a;coiej;sfkjslkejsljclsj;

Seriously, what did I ever do before I discovered the book blogging community?! You are all fantastic and just know that I stalk your blogs and each and every one of the books listed above I’ve discovered through all of you. YOU’RE THE BESTEST.

I’ll write again soon. Until then, keep reading!

J. Bookish


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdsay: Ten authors that are NEW…. to me.

  1. Summer @ Xingsings says:

    Jordyn, what?! Well I’m so glad you finally found so many of these fantastic authors. You’re so right about Cassie Clare’s books being a hit or miss for most readers. I adore her and her books… :) And I really want to read The Wrath and the Dawn soon. I’ll probably go out and buy that this weekend so I can bring it with me to Yallfest. And don’t apologize for tweaking your T10T posts. In my opinion, the bloggers that put a twist on the weekly feature happen to have more interesting lists usually! :)


      • Summer @ Xingsings says:

        Oh gosh, for a second there, I was going to reply saying so much happens up north (I was think of east coast Washington DC near NY though, lol). However, there’s Yallwest in California. Maybe you can go if you’re ever in the state during July (I think that’s when they have it!). :D

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

    I almost always cheat on weekly memes anyway so all is cool😎
    And you have read some brilliant books I have to say! I am about to read More Than This by Patrick Ness and I can’t wait! And Wrath Of The Dawn is like the book I just need to get, the same with a darker shade of magic. Nice post :)


  3. Maria says:

    I was SO MAD they changed the ‘The Diviners’ cover! The original looked so beautiful and the new version looks really cheap and boring in comparison. Unfortunately the sequel also has the new weird cover so I guess that’s the way of the future. :(

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ayunda says:

    Sarah J Maas writes beautifully. I haven’t read the Throne of Glass series (I really want to though), but I did read A Court of Thorns and Roses and although I didn’t LOVE it, I still thought it was a very good book. Also Patrick Ness is absolutely amazing!!! I adore his Chaos Walking trilogy :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • J. Bookish says:

      I’ve been hearing about that trilogy and A Monster Calls quite a lot, I want to read allll of them. A Court of Thrones and Roses doesn’t sound quite as appealing to me as the Throne of Glass series! I’ve heard good things about it though!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. aimalfarooq says:

    The Wrath and the Dawn is wonderful. And if you like beautiful, atmospheric writing, you’ll like the Diviners too, I’m sure. It’s a very good winter read, that is if you’re into reading dark paranormal fantasies in winter? I know I am xD
    And *le gasp* PATRICK NESS IS EVERYTHING. I didn’t much care for More than This, but I think that has to do with how blown away I was by the Chaos Walking trilogy. I’m sure people would love More than This more if they read it before CW.
    Also, the Throne of Glass series. I’m so bitter about it. You either love the first two books, or you love the third and fourth. Alas, I was one of the former. :(

    Liked by 1 person

    • J. Bookish says:

      OH JEEZ. I’m so excited to read all of these haha. And now very nervous to read Throne of Glass… which category will I fall into?! Ahhh. Maybe you’ll like the 5th one?? Redemption?


  6. drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    I really like your choice of topic, and it’s not cheating to me ;) I hope you’ll enjoy Patrick Ness’ book, I only read More Than This for now, but I absolutely loved it! :) And Anna and The French Kiss was a really sweet read, so if you’re looking for that, you’ll be happy! And yay to France, haha, (not saying that because it’s my country, not at all, haha!) I need to get to Sarah J. Maas too. So many books to read, so little time, ahhhh!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I don’t think it was cheating with the topic, you just twisted it a little so that it made sense for you. That is totally allowed! ;)
    Some of the authors I have read books from, others are still on my list. e.g. Patrick Ness and Renee Ahdieh. We’re in this together ;)

    Liked by 1 person

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