J. Bookish (me) fails at tags

Hello friends.

This is a solemn occasion and an admittance of failure. From me, J.


I currently have 9 tags, 2 challenges, and 3 awards I have yet to participate in.

And I love tags! They’re so fun! I don’t even know what I’ve been posting about if not all of these fun challenges! So to all of you who have tagged me for something and been like wow, you suck, I apologize! I will get to them, I promise.

In fact, I have an announcement!

Next week is going to be theeee WEEK OF TAGS!

Obviously I won’t be able to do all 9 of them, but there will be one tag each day for 7 days. I hope you join me for what I’m sure will be an interesting (in a good way…?? We shall see..) journey, but if you just hit one day I’m sure most of my answers will be the same anyway ;)

I appreciate every one of you who has tagged me (especially you, Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse for most of these tags)! I promise I’ll be on top of them in the future :)

Anyway…. how’s your day? Mine’s good. Did you know that “anyways” isn’t technically a word? It’s a colloquialism. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Today was my only day off which is LAME. So yeeah. Good talk. TWO DAYS TILL’ WINTER. Totally pre-ordered off Amazon. Even though I don’t own any of the rest of the series. The hardcover was only $3 more than the Kindle price! Hell yeah I’m getting the actual book! Fun fact, I never ever use my Kindle. I don’t think it’s nearly as fun to read as real books. Hahah anywho, let the week of tags commence!

I’ll write again soon! Until then, keep reading!

J. Bookish

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