December TBR + Struggles

Erm, hello.

My name is Jordyn and I’ve been MIA.

So you know how I wrote that I got a new job last month? Well I’m currently working both my new job and my old job. And going to school. And I’ve been having health issues. And life has been really freaking busy. I keep looking at my Reader and just feeling overwhelmed, so I haven’t been reading any of your posts and I’m sorry :( I promise I will be back with my normal energy soon.

Anyhoo, I also don’t have a plan for reading this month! I’m just feeling like kind of going for whatever grabs my notice. I have too many books I’m excited about at the moment to have any idea which ones I will be reading! So I thought I’d just post a list of the books that are in contention, and you all can give me suggestions if you feel so inclined.

Currently reading:

Ooooooh look at the pretty colors.

Hahaha I’m seriously so tired right now.

Both of these were just random picks off of my bookshelf. I seriously sat down and was staring at it trying to figure out what I wanted to put in my TBR and just randomly grabbed The Fortune Hunter and started reading and lost track of time.. then Tim got home and I was just laying in the dark on the floor reading…. Yep. That’s me, folks.

Here is the current selection of books that are piquing my interest!


Okay friends. I hope you are doing wonderfully and I will do my very best to start stalking your blogs again.

Happy holidays!

I’ll write again soon. Until then, keep reading.

J. Bookish


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