12 Days of Christmas: Day 2!

[Note from the present: I just realized I scheduled all of these after Day 1 one day ahead sooo I missed yesterday.. failure.]

12 days of christmas blogging

DAY 2!

Favorite Christmas tradition: new or old!

HMMMM. I CAN’T DECIDE. Okay I have three. I’m using all three. Don’t judge me.

  1. Christmas Eve PJ’s

My family opens one present on Christmas (I definitely spelled this “Chrismas” and couldn’t figure out why there was a YOU’RE WRONG red line under it hahaha) Eve and it is always always always pajamas. Then we are required to put on said pajamas and hang out and watch a movie or whatever we feel like. It’s awesome. This year, my mom is apparently going to buy us all traditional flannel pajamas. She called me last night to make sure that I was okay with it. We’re very good at ruining surprises in this family ;)

2. My creepy sneaking

I’m not sure if my family actually knows that I do this? But every year I like to set an alarm for about 4:00 AM and I go out and turn the tree lights on and just sit there for a while. When I was little I wanted to see if Santa had come and what the presents and stockings looked like, but now I just think it’s kind of peaceful and I still feel a little bit of that childhood magic. My very own personal tradition.

3. Friend Christmas

This one is brand new! My boyfriend has to work on Christmas and I was quite upset about it, so we decided to have our own Christmas..after Christmas. We’re going to have a little white elephant party with our friends and spend some time together.¬†Christmas is generally spent with family and friends get left in the cold anyway, so this works just perfectly for us!

I would love to hear about your Christmas traditions! If you are participating in this challenge, link me to your posts!

I’ll write again soon. Until then, keep reading!

J. Bookish


3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Day 2!

  1. A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

    Aw that’s so cute that you are doing a little after Christmas thing with your boyfriends. Your right Christmas is about being with family and friends and it’s a whole season, not just one day, so why shouldn’t you :)
    That’s what my family does on Christmas day too- just watch a movie together, relaxing.

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