Bookmas Tree Challenge

Hello friends!

If you’re a fan of booktube and are following Hails Hearts NYC (if you’re not, you should be, she’s one of my favorites!), then you may have heard about her 12 days of Bookmas! I know I’m already participating in the 12 days of blogging, so I’m going to drive you all crazy with ONE MILLION POSTS. Just kidding. But it kinda feels like that much. ANYWAY all of her ideas sounded really fun to me so I am just going to go crazy with the Christmas blogging.

So today the challenge was to make a bookmas tree! For the rest of the challenge I’ll be participating in writing-form, but my attempts to take photos of this challenge were really boring so I made a video. Woot woot. You should also go check out Hailey’s video/tree, because it’s significantly more impressive than mine.. and yes Hailey, third time is the charm!!

Here it is!:

Let me try to explain the various facial expressions.
0:43 – The books are organized by size! Biiiiig to smaaaall
0:48 – Reppin’ Seattle. Mmmmmhmmm
1:38 – Look at my pretty copy of Les Mis!
1:48 – Tim’s book about Scottish people.
2:10 – looks like some kind of  “dayum” motion, but it’s really “oh look this tower is leaning”
2:45 – this book is fat.
3:16 – I need more books!!
3:25 – Hmmmm… star…
3:29 – GOT IT

That is all. Be back tomorrow with more shenanigans.

J. Bookish



11 thoughts on “Bookmas Tree Challenge

  1. Charelle says:

    Haha super awesome video Jordyn, best Bookmas tree ever! Btw I’m sorry I didn’t copy the tag you tagged me for yet, but that’s because I started blogging in Dutch. I might switch back to English at some point though, will fill it out when that happens, haha!

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  2. Keira says:

    I can’t view your video, unfortunately (I live in Germany at the moment and stupid GEMA blocks me from viewing things with copyrighted music or whatever- even if it is on the VEVO of the artist. It is under the pretense of protecting the rights of the artist, but I’m pretty sure it is more for their own benefit.)
    Anyway, I’m sure yours is fine :D Mine was pretty bad, i was sick when making it- still am, actually.


    • J. Bookish says:

      Oh no! I don’t think the music I used was copyrighted, I got it off of SoundCloud.. hopefully I didn’t infringe on any copyrights! AH! Haha I had to make it three times! My first attempt was atrocious. I’m sorry you’re sick! Feel better :)

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